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Exporting companies shall comply with the Public Notice for
Exportation and Importation of Strategic Items of the Foreign
Trade Act and may be subject to criminal punishment or
penalties in case of any violations.

In case of sales of strategic materials to major hostile countries
without permission, the company may become instantly
bankrupt regardless of company profits. Therefore, it is
necessary for exporting companies to understand strategic
materials and comply with the relevant laws.

Advance preparation and consulting are necessary for tight
export schedules of strategic materials an export controls of
strategic materials has been recently enhanced, and it thus
takes around 20 days minimum for strategic materials
assessment and permission.
We, BLUEHA LOGISTICS, provides the first export consulting service for strategic materials in the industry.

In particular, we have have wide experience in the transport of strategic materials and classification forms for network apparatus, servers, and softwarevia our IT product transportation professionalism and can provide a data and consulting service immediately upon customer request.

BLUEHA LOGISTICS will be your reliable professional partner for safe export trade under rapidly changing trade circumstances. We have confidence in our world-class experience and consulting services for strategic materials.
Provide classification forms for strategic IT materials and agency business services upon customer request
Provide professional advance consulting services before strategic materials exports
→ Strategic materials management system related to exports to ‘A’ and ‘B’ regions and strategic materials CP (compliance program)
Strategic materials management system → Refer to http://www.yestrade.or.kr