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BLUEHA LOGISTICS promises to provide best quality services to
customers through close business coordination with global partners.
BLUEHA LOGISTICS provides a total logistics service suited to the characteristics of freight through comprehensive infrastructure such as inland transportation, packaging, unloading, and warehousing.
BLUEHA LOGISTICS provides a sea & air forwarding service combined with marine transportation cost reduction benefits and air transportation speed benefits and direct sea & road transportation service from the exporter warehouse to the importer’s plant with door-to-door delivery.
BLUEHA LOGISTICS provides the triangular shipment service (merchandising trade) in close association with global leading forwarder partners all over the world and the optimal trans shipment service to customers through B/L switch.
BLUEHA LOGISTICS will take care of project freight and special cargo (dangerous articles / special equipments / weights / facility transfer, etc.) safely and rapidly, with more professional services than general freight.