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BLUEHA LOGISTICS has concluded direct contracts with
general and bonded warehouses equipped with the
state-of-the-art facilities and situated in the optimized location.
BLUEHA LOGISTICS provides a rapid item classification service and a consulting and customs service related to strategic materials, such as IT or industrial facility products based on professional knowledge of air/marine export and import customs in close association with licensed, contracted customs agents.
In addition, we provide professional consulting services for IT devices such as type approval.
BLUEHA LOGISTICS has concluded direct contracts with general and bonded warehouses equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and situated in aloptimal locations.
BLUEHA LOGISTICS provides a broad range of specialized services through optimized outsourcing and competitively reduces costs by using the warehouses and KNOW-HOW of established companies.
BLUEHA LOGISTICS can provide safe and differentiated warehousing for special cargo such as frozen, refrigerated, and dangerous cargocargo. (General / Bonded)
We provide the packaging service appropriate to product conditions in accordance with the marine, air and inland transportation distribution process and prevent product damage or corrosion resulting from incorrect packaging, based on many years of accumulated KNOW-HOW, considering climate, unloading, transport, and storage conditions.
We have wide experience and KNOW-HOW in special packaging of state-of-the-art IT devices and individual, interior, and exterior packaging.
We provide a professional consulting service for dangerous article packaging.
We are fully apprised of wooden and pallet heat processing standards required by importing countries all worldwide and provide related services.
BLUEHA LOGISTICS has its own KNOW-HOW accumulated over many years through orders from major Korean companies and provide an express cargo and consulting service for all regions and countries throughout the world.
We provide an international express cargo service for rapid transport of packages, individual cargo, and e-commerce cargo in association with express and courier companies equipped with a world-class international network.
In particular, we satisfy customer needs through a Korea-China/Korea-Vietnam express and courier service with knowhow accumulated over many years.
Express ervice to General Regions : Door to Door Service
Korea-China : Express Service
Korea-Vietnam : Express Service
Korea-Russia : Express Service
Other special regions : Express Service
We can provide cost reduction and risk in hedging based on regional-specialized express selection and usage KNOW-HOW.
We provide a cargo insurance application service to ensure customer cargo safety.